IT plan offers a wide range of competence


IT plan has for many years been actively working with the architectural issues in all phases of an IT system’s lifecycle . One result of this work is the course Certified IT Architect offered through Dataföreningen and under 10 years led by Lars wiktorin.


”Business Development” is a pretty broad term. Sometimes it is meant, for example, the efficiency of existing business by improving IT facilities. Sometimes it is about radical reorganization, new products/services, expansion into new markets. Generally requires business development that you describe the business – both the existing as well as the intended/desired – in as clear and transparent way as possible. Modelling and simulation is good practice for this.


IT plan has extensive experience in various aspects of the system development such as management, development and methodology. With the system development we mean all activities throughout a system’s life cycle, including operation, management and settlement, although the focus is on the development and management phase. We have extended experience in mobile operator payment and messaging (SMS).


We have extensive experience as trainers and mentors. We participate in Dataföreningen course Certified IT Architect since its inception in 1999. Examples of areas where we offer internal training courses and seminars are: Modeling, IT architecture, Requirements Engineering, Data warehouse, and Business Intelligence


Project management is primarily about communicating and motivating. Each project is unique and the project can be run in many ways, with different methods and with the support of various administrative tools. To be successful, a project manager needs to be responsive and able to choose the approach and the way to pursue questions tailored to what should be achieved in each unique situation. IT plan has vast experience in project management of both small and large projects. We also gladly and backs up the project with our experience.


To elucidate a future desired position can be done in many ways. To stand ”in the future” and describe how it will look is a good basis for implementing a change. The clearer the vision, the greater the possibility of achieving it. By reversing back from the future in stages, we can establish a base for the strategy. IT plan has great experience of working out visions and ways to reach them.


Business intelligence, business analysis using data warehouse. A data warehouse is a logical collection of data, which is intended for analysis and reflecting several time periods as data regularly collected from other registers. IT plan has extended know within business intelligence and dataware house.


Members of IT plan have released a number of publications (in Swedish). For example, ”Systemutveckling på 2000-talet” by Lars Wiktorin and ”Återanvänding i verkligheten” by Bengt Asker, Magnus Nilsson, Peter Söderström, Lars Wiktorin. More titles to be added.


System and Business Development
IT plan offers qualified consulting services in business development and IT.

IT plan was established in 1988 as an employee-owned company, and currently comprises five consultants, all with many years of industry experience. Our competence includes development and project management in all phases in both object-oriented as traditional systems. A special area is the business intelligence. We know analysis, design and construction of administrative systems, mobile payment/messaging platforms, and databases. IT plan has long experience of developing and implementing training courses and seminars.

  • Both IT Architecture and Software Architecture

  • Business modelling and simulation

  • Sofware Architecture, software development in Java, JEE, micro services and docker

  • Business intelligens and data warehouse


Together, we offer a broad and deep expertise in all phases of IT development!

Niklas Kaltea

Software Architect and Developer.
Java developer with intrests in software architecture, distributed computing, micro services, and docker.

Lars Wiktorin

IT Architect

Christer Dahlgren

Project Manager and Business Development.


Business Intelligence


Business Development